Why You Are Tired At Work

When you are at work, no matter what shift you work, you want to be awake, alert, and at the top of your game. So many people complain that they are tired at work but they don’t know what to do to reverse that problem. There are simple things you can try, and there are also times when you may have to consider that something more serious, like a medical condition, may be to blame. Try some simple tricks and tips before you decide that your fatigue is anything other than an easily fixed lifestyle problem.

If you are tired at work on Monday, it could be what you have been doing all weekend that is causing this problem. No one wants to hear this, but staying up until two or three on the weekend to go out drinking is going to cause problems for the rest of the week. You can sleep in all you want, you are not going to be perky on Monday if you are abusing your body and altering your bedtime so severely for one or two nights of the week. If you want to go out, go out early and get to bed at a decent hour if your normal wake up time during the rest of the week is six AM.

You may be tired at work simply because you are not sleeping well. If you go to bed at a decent hour, you are still going to be overly tired the next day if you are not getting into a deep sleep at night. Find more information about how to make your bedroom more sleep friendly, and see your doctor if this is a chronic problem for you. There are some medical conditions like Fibromyalgia that interrupt sleep cycles so that you are not resting as you should.

If you don’t think your sleep habits are the reason why you are tired at work, you could look into things that you are eating. If you are not eating breakfast, you are running out of steam early in the day, and even if you eat lunch, you don’t have all you need to be at your best. Start eating breakfast to see if that won’t help you out. Also, avoid eating a heavy, large lunch, as this can cause you to be drowsy in the afternoon. If your body has to digest a large, heavy meal it diverts energy you could be using to get through your day.

You are not going to be as energetic as you use to be as you age. You may fall asleep earlier as you get older, but you should not be tired at work all of the time just because of your age, especially if it happens to you out of the blue. If nothing else helps, talk to your doctor about how you feel during the day, your lifestyle, and what could be causing the problem. There could be underlying medical issues that you need to clear up to get your energy back.

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