Why Drinking Water is Important

Drinking water is certainly important, but do we need to run around with a water bottle all of the time? It is more vital to understand why drinking water is important than running around with a a water bottle all of the time.

Did you know that drinking water is not the only way we “absorb” water? It can be tempting to listen to advertising, and make sure that you get at least two liters of water everyday, but did you know that there are some great substitutes for drinking water? After all, water does not give you nutrition and things like probiotics. The nutrition that we need can only be found in food, and you can easily consume more than 500 milliliters of water at breakfast if you eat right.

A Watery Breakfast

Instead of drinking juice for breakfast, consider drinking a glass of water instead. A glass can contain 200 milliliters of water, and of course is totally PH neutral. That means it will help you to digest your breakfast instead of making your stomach contents more acidic. Eating fruit for breakfast is a great idea, and you should consider fruits like strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. They are actually made up out of 84% of water, and you get all of those lovely anti-oxidants at the same time. A fruit platter at breakfast could add as much as 250 milliliters to your daily water intake. A cup of herbal tea will quickly add another 100 milliliters.

To be honest, it is just as easy as that.

Watery Snacks

The best watery snacks are things like apples and melons. An apple contains pectin which is an anti-oxidant that relies heavily on water. An apple is at least 82% water. So, that means that a 150 gram apple has just given you 123 milliliters of water. Water melon is another healthy snack which is packed with easy to digest nutrition. Water does not stop you from being hungry as it passes through the body too quickly.

You need to eat to keep you energy levels up, and the best foods to snack on are fruits and vegetables, carrots is another great water snack.

Lunch Time

If you have soup lunch time, maybe salad and then some water to drink, you will probably add at least another 500 milliliters of your daily water intake. You may have a cup of tea afterwards and that goes towards your water allowance as well. Stop and think for a minute, you have just taken on board 700 milliliters of nutritional fluids.

Dinner Time

At dinner you should try to add more vegetable to your dinner, but even chicken and fish contain water. I am sure that most people probably consume another 500 milliliters of water at dinner with out thinking about it. Yes, you may want to drink some water throughout the day, but unless you are hiking through the desert with Bear Grylls, you don’t need to drink two liters. Even Bear Grylls, likes to point out that nutrition is just as important as water.

Knowing why drinking water is important, it does after all keep us healthy, but we certainly don’t need to carry around water unless we are exercising or in a very hot country.

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