The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra  is the center of the commonly recognized energy centers. It is the balance point between the three lower or earthly chakras and the three upper or spiritual ones. It is thought to be where our spirit resides.

Its sanskrit name, Ananhata, means unhurt or unstuck and this is the way it should be when it is open and balanced.

People are now beginning to realize that the heart has a memory just like the brain, so it is important for us to have this energy center open, balanced and fully functional.

This area is all about love and giving. Both self love and love for others. It is where compassion, joy, happiness, honesty, respect, understanding, generosity and tolerance sit. It is our center of forgiveness, both of ourselves and others. Where there is love there is also peace. This is an area of the human body as a whole that needs to be opened, not just our individual body.

It’s physical location is in the upper chest (the heart region) and upper back. All chakras form a vortex going both towards the front of the body and the back of the body. The physical areas it influences are the heart, the circulation, the arms, blood, lungs, rib cage, diaphragm, thymus, breasts, esophagus, shoulders and hands.

Its color is green, like the green of the sea on a clear day and it has a center of pink, representing peace and love. This is the center of Chi (positive energy) in our body. Green symbolizes harmony, creativity, health, abundance and nature. It also symbolizes new energy and revitalizes tired nerves. Pink is the color of the peaceful, quiet side of love. Universal love, acceptance, caring, friendship, affection, contentment and relaxation.

If this area is blocked you may notice you experience hatred, guilt, paranoia, self pity and selfishness, you may have powerful feelings for others but they will be conditional upon what they do for you. You may be self centered, impatient or unsympathetic. This usually comes about because you are afraid to love others and cannot love yourself.

Nature images that help with this area are any nature scene especially those with a predominance of green or a beautiful flower garden with lots of pink flowers. The stones associated with it are Green Jade, Kunzite, Rose Quartz, and Pink tourmaline. Therefore if you can hold one of these stones and either look at an image of nature or sit in nature as you meditate to open and clear this chakra you will be bringing lots of energy into this area to open and balance it.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, breathe deeply a few times and then imagine yourself floating in a sea of crystal clear green water, it is warm like a bath and you float effortlessly, you have on goggles and a snorkel so you can float yet see what is around you and breathe easily. You are coming up to a beautiful bed of pink coral, it is like an underwater garden. You are able to totally let go of all your cares and worries. The water is gently washing away all your past hurts and you feel a new lightness. You are letting go of fear and love is washing through you. Total unconditional love filling every part of your being. You float towards the shore and as you climb out of the water you realize you are washed clean both inside and out and the pink coral you saw has imprinted itself upon your heart. You are not only able to give love, but you are now able to receive love fully.

Affirmations to use to remind yourself of this new reality are, “I am forgiving, accepting, tolerant and compassionate. I am affectionate, loving and warm hearted. I am at peace.”
It is important to protect this chakra so that you don’t become too open or too empathetic, so ask for the white light of love to protect you and put a special bubble of devine love around this area.

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