Memory Loss Symptoms Repair Your Brain


There are many reasons why your memory may feel to be in decline and it doesn’t have to be Alzheimer’s or dementia. Cognitive decline can develop as the result of an underlying disease or it can be as simple as stress and anxiety overload, substance abuse, vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalance and trauma both physical and mental. For the individual sufferer short term memory loss can mean difficulty in remembering recent events, retrieving what should be familiar data and processing simple information.

Decline in Cognitive function

If you cannot clearly remember recent events then that is indicative of short term memory loss and that sort of cognitive decline can be very minor and not easily recognizable even by close family members.Failure to remember the recent past can be a sign of short term memory function. It is possible that the decline may worsen and ultimately could lead to dementia but that is not necessarily the case as the causes of short term memory loss are very varied and could be temporary in nature.

An individual could start to forget more major things like continually missing appointments or forgetting to take medication. Longer term it may be difficult to maintain a normal daily routine and then the signs become more noticeable. Memory loss in an otherwise healthy individual will not worsen and will present as minor in nature and is not of great concern and there are natural supplements like brainfire ingredients to help

Forgetting and Mixing up Words

Some people realise that they are struggling to find the right word for the sentence and whilst this can indicate short term memory loss, it can be very frustrating and if it is the result of irreversible diseases like Alzheimer’s it can be very distressing for the sufferer. Family members and friends have to be patient and coax the sufferer along to help the sufferer find the words they want.
Changes to Mood and Behavior
Short term memory loss can lead to changes in mood and behavioral issues which are not recognized as part of the individual’s normal emotional make up. Whilst others may notice these changes the individual sufferer who has probably sensed something isn’t right won’t recognize that there is an issue


This can be the result of milder forms of decline in cognitve function and can make the sufferer disorientatedlead and axious particularly in places they are not used to. Keeping the normal routines is important until the sufferer regains some sort of results with short term memory loss treatment.


If there is short term memory loss then a good indicator is the same questions being asked over and over. Recent conversations can be forgotten and the same stories repeated. Mild memory issues can be treated conservatively and a natural supplement like brainfire may help.
If you or someone you know are suffering from short term memory loss then it is important to do what you can to prevent it getting worse and concentrate on improving it. Alzheimer’s affects over 5 million Americans and its not currently curable so getting your mind into gear now and boosting your brain power is important.
Decline in the brain function is not an inevitable consequence of aging and the maintenance or improvement of your memory has limited connection with your family or your genetics and has no connection with prescription drugs.

You can in fact slow or even stop the cognitive decline which comes with age. This means challenging your mind constantly and for best results using daily brain exercises.Thinking of the brain as a muscle which needs exercise and food is a good analogy. By providing stimulation to the mind you help maintain the memory and may be able to restore much of the lost clarity.

Giving your brain daily challenges even with something as simple as sudoko or crosswords will help boost your brain power and eating a natural supplement will help you even more.

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