Healthy Eating – Why Is It So Complicated?

healthy eatingToo much has been written about healthy eating, and now it doesn’t make sense to most people anymore. The simple fact is that we have invented so many different diets, and diet fads, that we have forgotten what healthy food is, and how we should eat it. Most diets out there are not only complicated, but they call for special foods such as Miso soup, or some certain vegetable. Once you have tried the Asparagus diet, you may want to try the low cholesterol diet. The question is, do you really need to?

Do we eat enough?

Do we eat enough to fuel our bodies? The truth is that most of us probably a lot of food which is relatively empty of nutrients. If, we start a food intake diary, we would probably find that a lot of the food that we eat, do not give us a lot of nutrition. This is certainly true when it comes to processed foods, or fast food. We really need to rethink our food. Instead of looking to fill our bellies, we need to think of the food we eat as energy.


It is time to get serious about breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and should consist of something fresh. Sufferers of high cholesterol, or those with cardio vascular problems, should pay particular attention to their breakfast foods. We all think it is a okay to drink juices, but is one of the worst things we can do at breakfast time. Most juices are acidic, and acidic food WILL ALWAYS lead to inflammation. Do we really need to start this process first thing in the morning?

The best thing you can do is to start your day with food such as fresh berries, nuts, dried prunes and apricots. Add some oat milk or maybe a yogurt, and you have a breakfast to be proud of at 7 am in the morning. Fruits and nuts are full of anti-oxidants which will help your body to control the anti-inflammatory process during the day. Also, fruits and berries are rich in slow release energy which will boost your energy levels.


Sandwich lunches are very popular around the world, but we need to make sure that our sandwiches are healthy. Cheese is an okay option but why not opt for something like tuna or sardines. Ditch the potato crisps, and go for the healthy option instead. Prepare a snack bag of carrots, broccoli and celery, there you have a wonderful combination which will digest well with your bread. The quicker you can digest your lunch, the more energy you will be able to release to get on with the rest of you day.

Be careful with your bread. There are some good breads and some bad ones out there. If you can, try to find a low yeast bread, or none yeast bread. Both will help when it comes to releasing energy and making you feel fuller for longer. Many breads are rich in sugar and products like soya. Try to go for a natural bread instead. It might cost you a bit more but it will keep you fuller for longer.


You may have heard that cutting down on potatoes will help you lose weight. It doesn’t work the way weight loss gurus think it does. By removing potatoes from your meal, you will simply help digest your food better. Proteins don’t work well with carbohydrates, and they can not “link up”. This is why you become tired after a meal, and it has nothing to do with the starch in potatoes. Sweet potatoes are fine and so is celeriac. If, you do want to eat potatoes, make it as a stand alone dinner and enjoy with vegetables. Perhaps a jacket potato and ratatouille could make the perfect dinner one night.

Snacking can be important as well, but stick to fruit and vegetables. Bananas are great for energy and so are apples, but try to stay away from foods which contain too much sugar. Sugar free muffins, prunes, dates and nuts make the best snacks, Unsweetened dark chocolate is okay as well. Yes, healthy eating means cutting back on cakes, sweets and milk chocolate. There are many alternatives which will give us more energy.

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